Tuesday, November 12, 2013

3D Printed Hand Gives Child A Feeling Of Being Normal Again, Future of Printing.

CBS News reports about a boy with a condition that leaves him without the fingers he needs to function normally everyday. Through his fathers determination to help his son and a 3D printer programer in Washington...this boy seems to have more confidence than ever before. Sure the hand is a big crude at the moment, but consider it like a beta version...the hand will continue to be changed and upgraded until one day, it will be so perfect...it will go unnoticed. SCW

Friday, November 8, 2013

In A Walmart In England You Can 3D Print An 8 Inch Version of Yourself, Mini You

Check this out, you can make a mini version of yourself for just 40 pounds in England, or $64 US. The eight inch figure that is created will come out with exact colour and details that you have. You first need to be scanned for two to three minutes. Then after that, they begin printing you out...mini you. This is the first time Walmart has ever offered such a service and reservations to do go back months already. The down side is it does take eight full hours to print out, so plane on picking it up the next day. SCW

Finally A 3D Printer For Only $100 That Totally Rocks This Planet!

Peachy Printer Website: http://www.peachyprinter.com

Is it just me or does this young genius Rylan Grayston remind me of how Apple CEO Steve Jobs started out in his parents garage. Rylan Grayston, inventor of the Peachy Printer has made it so affordable that its only $100. Sure its small, but it's simple...and that's pure genius. Look at that tiny rubric cube-like device in his hand and only one word comes to mind...beautiful.

I for one will buy one if they get it to market. Think of all the cool little things I could make with that gadget...my own watch band for my new iPod nano...a dog collar, iPhone 5s case, OMG...I have to have it! They are not being sold yet, but the project was fully funded raising $651,000 so its just a matter of a few months before their website (above) will be selling them, but get in line...I was there first! SCW

NASA gives $125,000 To Company To Make Pizza With A 3D Printer! Way To Go NASA!

NASA recently gave a grant of $125,000 to a company to make a 3D printer that can print out pizza. NASA gave the company 6 months to finish the product before more money may or may not be invested into it. 

This is good new for the astronauts who eat out of bags every meal, sucking their food through a straw, but this is awesome news for pizza lovers here on Earth. 

I can see it now...walking to the kitchen, hitting the button and  a few minutes later my large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese is waiting for me. Finally NASA invests in something I wholeheartedly back! You rock NASA! SCW

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Urbee 3D Printed Car Set To Make A Cross Country Ride, Tech News.

A team of designers have come up with an eco-friendly car of the future 'Urbee', that runs on just 10 gallons of gas, and the body can be printed on a 3D printer. This 3D printed car has been created and its making its self known by driving across the country. It took them 2,500 hours for the printer to make all its parts. Of course in the future that time frame will be greatly reduced. 

Urbee is a two-passenger hybrid car designed to be incredibly fuel efficient, easy to repair, safe to drive, and inexpensive to own. The Urbee team is made up of designers, innovators and craftspeople who love design and feel strongly that we can create cars that have our planet's best interests at heart. 

For more info: www.urbee.net

Worlds First 3D Printed Metal Gun Has Been Created, And The Future Looks Bright, Nov 2013, Tech News.

Check out this amazing tech made with a 3D printer. Its a all metal 1911 pistol and not only does he test fire it from a distance with a string, but he then continues to pick it up and hold it while firing off some rounds. This is a great demonstration of how 3D metal printers can be used and the gun being made was probably just to get the worlds attention not he new tech that made it. 

You see, in the future an iPhone or HTC will be made entirely by one single 3D printer. It will create the wiring, components, processor, memory and screen all while making it, just by swatting materials, but always working on making it. This will not only make things like phones cheaper, but also stronger. They will be able to work underwater, since there are no seems for water to leak into. Latter of course this 3D metal tech will be put to use creating entire cars in one shot...meaning there won't be separate parts that have to be put together like the gun has. This 3D metal printer is an awesome start, but I am talking about what this baby is going to evolve into in the future. 

Can you imagine, a car or motorcycle printed out with no pieces to assemble? Its coming. 

For more info on the 3D metal printer company that made the gun please click here. This company can see the future. http://blog.solidconcepts.com/industry-highlights/worlds-first-3d-printed-metal-gun/