Friday, November 8, 2013

Finally A 3D Printer For Only $100 That Totally Rocks This Planet!

Peachy Printer Website:

Is it just me or does this young genius Rylan Grayston remind me of how Apple CEO Steve Jobs started out in his parents garage. Rylan Grayston, inventor of the Peachy Printer has made it so affordable that its only $100. Sure its small, but it's simple...and that's pure genius. Look at that tiny rubric cube-like device in his hand and only one word comes to mind...beautiful.

I for one will buy one if they get it to market. Think of all the cool little things I could make with that own watch band for my new iPod nano...a dog collar, iPhone 5s case, OMG...I have to have it! They are not being sold yet, but the project was fully funded raising $651,000 so its just a matter of a few months before their website (above) will be selling them, but get in line...I was there first! SCW

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