Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Apple Watch Water Test, Find Out Just How Good It Performs Under Water! July 2015, Apple Tips News.

So just how water proof is the watch? I had the same question 2 days after getting the watch sport. I workout 5+ days a week and its hot over here in Taiwan right now. I sweat a lot while on the running machine or doing weights, so I was worried. I checked and Apple says this watch is ok to get wet in the rain or washing hands, but its not waterproof enough to go swimming or take a shower. 

These guys in the video took it a giant leap forward with waterslides, diving into the pool and even taking it below the water and turning it on to check the time. 

Maybe it is water proof and Apple just doesn't want people to know so they have less responsibility about repairing it. Thats a smart move by apple that could save them tens of millions every year. 

Don't worry about sweat, rain or washing hands, but you might want to take Apples advice and stay out of the water with it. SCW

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