Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How To Set Up Your iwatch To Measure Daily Calorie Burn And More, July 2015, Apple Tips News.

Now this is a really useful feature. It measures the calories you burned and it tells you when you need to stand up for one minute to make you healthier. I had my iwatch all week and I didn't know this was so important, so I set it up today. It's easy to set up, just a few easy steps like year of birth, weight, height. Then you set up a goal of how many calories you hope to get every day. I am a fitness guy. I hit the gym 1 to 1.5 hours a day for five days a week. I always assumed these apps are silly. I was so, very wrong. Got an watch? Care about your health? Then this is the #1 most important thing you need to do ASAP. SCW

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  1. Thank you. This was a big help. Maybe I can lose a few pounds with this.


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