Sunday, August 2, 2015

How To Save 38% Or More On Your iwatch Purchase, August 2015, Apple Tips News.

Hey guys, I did it. I got the stainless steel magnetic band. And why not right. I went from a sport watch to a metal band one, all for less than $30. US. I bought the metal magnetic band on Ebay. It came from China with free shipping! I cannot see any flaws with it. It slide on my watch like it was made by Apple themselves. Perfect.

My white sport 42 iwatch= $399. US
My metal band size 42= $30. US
Total cost=$429. US
Savings= $270

I went from this white 42 mm sport to the metal 42 below. 

Now this translates into a massive saving since this metal band is being sold by Apple for about $180. US and thats without a watch. 

Also, you can buy this exact watch from Apple, but if you do, it wall cost you $699. US for the exact same watch you see in the photo, except the watch case I have from the sport is aluminum and doesn't scratch as easily as the more expensive stainless steel case. The inside of the watch is exactly the same, the sport, the steel and the gold. Inside is the same.

So I paid $429. US for mine and the same watch (almost same) is being sold by Apple for $699. That means I saved a grand total of $270. US on it. Thats about 38% savings. Guys, I know a lot of fun things I can do with that saved money, don't you? Play it smart, think about this before you buy the more expensive watches. SCW

I went from this to this for only $30 US extra. 


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  2. Thanks for this post. I had no idea I could save so much just by buying the band on ebay. Cool info man. I will be back for more.


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