Sunday, April 24, 2016

Apple Watch: One year later. Are you still wearing it? April 2016, iwatch Hints For Daily Use News.

I still wear my iwatch. I love how easily I can put it on with the sport band. I like that it's water resistant and doesn't start to smell after a while from sweat, unlike other watches I've owned. I like that it sets goals for how many calories to burn each day. and to exercise 30 mins. I like that when I'm working out at the gym I can check my heart rate, and also change the song playing and the volume without taking out my phone. I like that it reminds me to stand every hour. I like that the time (duh it's a watch) is always accurate. I like that I can check the weather date and basic information so easily. I like that when I charge it at night it has a clock that I can see right next to my bed. I like the subtle taps it gives you when you have a message or need to turn when using navigation. I like how force touching the screen is a way to access more functions of the watch rather than some redundant button or a touch icon that takes more screen space. The watch is honestly a nice accessory for those that like fitness, and a simpler way to get information and perform simple tasks at a glance. It does exactly as advertised. 

That said, not everyone really needs this device, the same goes even for a regular watch. But for those who opt for it, will definitely have something that's more functional than the traditional watch. Hence smart watch. 

As for all the smartwatches, I personally feel that the Apple watch seems to be the most intuitive and easy to use, while still retaining a lot of functionality. That seems to be Apple's trademark. SCW

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  1. Dude, I swim with my iwatch. Never a problem with it. Sure hope they make it into an ibracelet like you mentioned in one of the posts. That would make it more popular and bigger screen.


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