Friday, June 17, 2016

1984 Apple's First Macintosh Commercial Defends Apple Even Today, Bite That Skeptics, Apple Tip News.

So many people putting down Apple for apparently being responsible for the introduction of a telescreen system. First off, 1984 won't happen. I'm sorry conspiracy theorists, it won't. 1984's totalitarian system might appear impossible to break, but there is no feasible means of establishing it. Even if it were so, it would be crushed under its own weight from massive corruption or would topple over from widespread public dissent/failing economy. You know how many dictatorships would do 1984 precisely if it was that fucking easy to control people and eternally maintain it, especially a multi-continental population worth? There are aspects of 1984 that could exist, but if there is to be a dystopia, capitalism says that it will likely be Brave New World. Secondly, what exactly is your point in giving Apple shit for creating Macs, iPads, iPhones, etc? Are you saying that Apple SHOULDN'T have made them!? Hypocrites. Hypocrites everywhere. How many of you have iPhones or smart phones in your pockets right now? How many of you are typing on either a mac or a computer from microsoft, a corporation who has piggy backed on Apple's advancements since the invention of a personal computer? Who the hell are you to put them down? You wouldn't be typing your damning statements of Apple without Apple's products. If technological progress is really so terrible and a CLEAR path to totalitarianism, why begin at Apple? How about we blame the inventors of a television? 1984 also used gambling, spirits, and cigarettes to keep people in line, we might as well blame those as well for totalitarianism. And 1984 wouldn't thrive if they didn't have guns and batons, might as well blame those conspiring bastards who dared to invent the gun. 1984 also had uniforms consisted of jumpsuits, I guess jumpsuits are now a shrewd plan towards totalitarianism as well. Point being, the technology and its inventors themselves are not responsible for totalitarian dystopias, if such a thing is even feasible, it would be the people using them. So show a little more appreciation you pretentious children.

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