Thursday, June 9, 2016

Apple Watch Sport - Gold & Rose Gold (Unboxing & Comparison), Time To Bust The Bank, Tech News.

Apple has added Gold and Rose Gold to the Apple Watch Sport lineup in addition to new watchband colors and configurations.

This is a bit upsetting. Clearly Apple didn't release the gold or rose gold option when I bought my aluminum watch. So, why the heck did they make a late release of the gold? Thats easy actually. You see, the watch was not selling very well and they knew that have a gold or rose gold plated watch for the same price would boost sales by about 5%. Thats a lot of money for them. 

I would have really liked to have the gold one. Maybe later if they ever get an watch with the #1 feature that the public demands...a side camera so that you can take a photo with it and have it instantly move to your iPhone so it wont take up the watch memory...and I'm not talking FaceTime...really who uses that? I have more than 20 friends with iPhones and not one uses it. All anyone wants from an watch is to take photos and upload them to social media sites. Lets wait and see what Apple does shall we?

Scott C. Waring

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