Monday, June 13, 2016

Cupertino, Calif. company's keynote WWDC 2016 in San Francisco talks about WatchOS 3, The Speed Demon, Jun 14, 2016, News.

Apple's smartwatch could be going to deliver on the pledges on which they have yet to provide.

That is the takeaway from the Apple Watch portion of the Apple company's keynote at its gross annual developer's conference.

Most crucially, Apple professionals said another version of the device's software, dubbed WatchOS 3, would considerably increase apps' launching time. "In watchOS 3, your favorite programs should respond instantly," said Apple VP of Technology Kevin Lynch, who demonstrated off a demonstration of the quicker launching times to applause from the developer-heavy group.

If the update works as publicized, it'll talk about one of the very most commonly noticed claims about the Apple Watch, which launched to great fanfare just over this past year. Apps, those created by outside developers particularly, can be slow to use on the wearable gizmo painfully. The quicker speeds should be felt over the device, on both third-party and native apps, says Apple.

Other future Apple Watch improvements add a new iPhone-like control centre and slicker navigation options, new watch encounters, and an SOS feature for disaster situations. The device's health features are receiving new talents as well, including specially-designed features for wheelchair-bound users, a deep-breathing exercise guide, and a competition panel that presents your friends' activity levels alongside your own, a visible feature of rival wearables like Fitbit's offerings.

When these notable changes spin out this land, Apple's next task will be convincing skeptical customers that they need to hand the Apple Watch another chance. While Apple has yet to talk about Apple Watch sales numbers, outside quotes hover in the 3 million range. While little or nothing to sneeze at, that shape is underwhelming for a business that has sold up to 50 million iPhone items in confirmed quarter.

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