Sunday, June 12, 2016

I scratched my Apple Watch, but its a Apple Sport...what really makes it a sport watch? June 2016, watch hints and apps for daily use, news.

Obliviously I know scraping it on concrete will scratch it. I'm not complaining that I scratched my watch skateboarding. I just think this shouldn't be referred to a "sport" watch by any means because of its design. This video is for people who DON'T have the watch or just want to know how easy it is to scratch.

This is the most ridiculous thing about the sport watch, which is its not ready to be worn during real sports. How can Apple call this a sport version if it gets damaged easier than those versions for the office? Does the office guy in a suit and tie really need a stronger screen than the sports guy? I think not, so what will Apple do about this in the future? Lets wait and see. SCW

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