Saturday, July 16, 2016

Tag Heuer Now Selling Watch With Apple Watch Attached, Luxury At Its Best, iWatch Hints And Apps News.

While some luxury watch makers, such as Tag Heuer, have joined in the wearable revolution by creating their own smartwatches Nico Gerard - a California-based luxury watch company - has taken a slightly different approach.

It's created a regular analogue watch (the Skyview Pinnacle) with a bracelet that allows you to attach a 38mm Apple Watch to the other side.

If having two watch faces on one strap doesn't sound crazy enough, then perhaps the cost will; at $9,300 (around £5,965, AU$12,608) this doesn't come cheap, but it does include an Apple Watch at least.

Amazingly that's not the most expensive option, as you can get an 18 karat gold version (along with the Gold Apple Watch Edition) for $112,000 (around £72,000, AU$152,000).

Monday, July 11, 2016

Top Secret Apple Watch Hidden Features, Measure Your High Five, iWatch Hints And Apps For Daily Use, News.

James, proud owner of a new Apple Watch, demonstrates some of the accessory's hidden features including the tennis grunt and high five.

Tesla Model S P85D Summon from Apple Watch (Remote S - Rego Apps), iWatch Hints And Apps For Daily Use News.

A first attempt demo of the new Summon feature on the latest version of Remote S (by Rego Apps) for iOS. Now, using an Apple Watch, you can have your Tesla open the garage door and autonomously pull out of the garage. The Summon feature is 100% initiated by Remote S on the Apple Watch. If you want it to work without the keyfob nearby, you need to first trigger the "Keyless Start" in the app.

How to Unlock with Apple Watch hands-on, macOS Sierra, iwatch Hints and apps for daily use. News.

This is cool. You can unlock your mac with the latest osx for Apple watch. So, if you have your watch hand, press play on this video, and follow the instructions. Then only you will be able to unlock the mac, and only by using your watch. Super cool. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I DESTROYED MY APPLE WATCH By accident!!! Learn How To Prevent This from Happening To You, News.

This guy makes a good point. He dropped his watch and bam, the watch is broken. The screen of the Apple watch is sensitive and needs a stronger screen. This is just one of thousands of videos online of the screen accidentally breaking. Its not really a sports watch if it breaks the first time it hits something. Are we suppose to wrap our watches in two ply toilet paper forever? Hell no! Apple does need to do something to prevent this from happening in future editions of this watch. Till the, guard it, or buy a rubber (not plastic) jacket for it off Ebay for $3 US, free shipping from China. It works, I got two, and if my watch hits the ceramic floor tiles, it wont break. SCW

New 1984 Apple Commercial Puts Hillary Clinton In It. Is this going overboard? Apple News.

I must be the only one in the world (I live in Taiwan) that doesn't follow the trials of Hillary Clinton and her emails, but unless she has some nude selfies, I'm just not interested. I saw her when she was young, and she knew how to open a can of whip ass when she needed too. I can't put a woman down, for entering a male dominated area. As for her emails...what the hell is so important about her emails that the world freaks out about it? Is she sending blueprints to China of the US HAARP or TR3B projects? Hell no. Thats not her. So, is this video going overboard, uncalled for? I think so. I salute any woman who has gotten as far as she has in America. But is America ready for a woman president? Maybe not just yet. SCW

Watch With Moving Miley Cyrus Face Will Make Your Day, (Custom Smartwatch Watch Face) watch News.

Published on Jun 17, 2016
WATCH MILEY CYRUS on a watch? You bet! This crazy fun watch face is always different. Every day she has new hair, and every hour she goes through all sorts of contorted faces. Her tongue sweeps the seconds, and she licks her nose at the top of every minute! 

Watch her eyes though. They actually tell the time! Her left eye points to where the hour hand would be, and her right eye points in the minute direction. Just in case it's too hard to figure out from her stare, look at her earrings. They will give it away.

This is a creative watch face designed and shared with the Global Community by Andrew Somers. You can actually download it and put it on your own watch if your watch supports it. Here's the link to Andrew's Smily Miley clock skin:

The watches featured here, from left to right, are the No.1 D6, the No.1 D5, the FINOW X3, and the FINOW Q1. You can look for them by name online at these and other sites if you want to purchase them:

Banaus BS19 Dual Mode Apple Clone Smartwatch: Looks Like An Apple, watch hints and tips news.

The most persistent, never ending question I get regarding the Android standalone smart watches that use a SIM card for calling is how to make it work with a smartphone to place and receive calls. To date -- July 2016 -- there is NO watch on the market that has true tethering capability (phone calls, MMS/SMS, notifications, etc.) AND supports downloading apps from the Google Play Store. If you EVER hear of such a watch, PLEASE let me(us) know in the comments.

Until then, I'll keep covering the Android app capable watches as they come out, but I wanted to show you the potential for the future in this surprisingly nice Apple Watch clone, the Banaus BS19.

I did a series of videos on a very basic Apple Watch clone one a year ago before the Apple Watch was even released. Since then technology (and cloning) has improved, and today we have a watch that, in some ways, is even better than the Apple Watch unreleased next edition! Why? Well, for one, it has an ONBOARD CAMERA for selfies and -- in the future -- voice calls/messaging/etc. It also has provisions for a SIM card to allow true calling and texting from the watch without needing a phone. It does support the true tethering, so it will work with the phone -- both Apple and Android -- but it can stand alone as well.

This is actually a worthy contender for a spot on your arm. Of the tethering watches out there -- and there are hundreds -- this one has both SIM and tethering, front facing camera, sleek "Apple like" design, and low price. If you don't need all that fancy mumbo jumbo of a tiny Android phone on your arm, then give this watch a serious look.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

OMG! Apple may be interested in buying Tidal Which Will Make Apple Great Again, iWatch Hints And Apps News.

Date of News: July 1, 2016
Source of News:

News states:
Apple is reportedly in talks to buy Tidal — the music-streaming service run by rapper Jay Z — as its Apple Music app escalates a nasty battle against Spotify. The tech giant is interested in Tidal’s strong ties to big-name artists like Kanye West and Madonna, the Wall Street Journal reported late Thursday, citing unnamed sources. The talks are “exploratory,” ongoing and may not result in a deal, according to the paper. Terms under discussion couldn’t be learned. After buying Tidal for $56 million in March 2015, Jay Z corralled a who’s who of top artists to supply exclusive content, including wife BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna, Prince, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys and Daft Punk. Jay Z has given small ownership stakes in Tidal to these artists while promising them millions of dollars in marketing in a bid to expand the service, according to sources. A Tidal’s spokesman denied talks between Apple and Tidal execs. The report comes as Apple Music ramps up a fierce battle against the music-streaming leader Spotify. In a testy letter to Apple that it distributed on Capitol Hill earlier this week, Spotify accused Apple of blocking a new version of its app, calling it an “anticompetitive” move. Apple is “causing grave harm to Spotify and its customers” by recently rejecting an update to Spotify’s iOS mobile app, Spotify’s legal chief, Horacio Gutierrez, griped in the letter this week to Apple’s head lawyer, Bruce Sewell. (More at Source).

Hands-On With the New Face Gallery for Apple Watch, Apple Hacks, iWatch Hints And Apps For Daily Use News.

In iOS 10 and watchOS 3 there is a new Face Gallery in the Watch app that allows you to see and customize all the available watch face options. I wish apple allowed users to add, create, or download new watch faces. Part of the reason they don't is because that kind of open environment allows hackers to get in much easier. It would be nice to customize your devices, but I would take security and privacy over customization any day.They could easily make it customisable while keeping it secure. It's not like jailbreaking. It's like how they're opening Siri and messages up to developers.