Thursday, July 7, 2016

Watch With Moving Miley Cyrus Face Will Make Your Day, (Custom Smartwatch Watch Face) watch News.

Published on Jun 17, 2016
WATCH MILEY CYRUS on a watch? You bet! This crazy fun watch face is always different. Every day she has new hair, and every hour she goes through all sorts of contorted faces. Her tongue sweeps the seconds, and she licks her nose at the top of every minute! 

Watch her eyes though. They actually tell the time! Her left eye points to where the hour hand would be, and her right eye points in the minute direction. Just in case it's too hard to figure out from her stare, look at her earrings. They will give it away.

This is a creative watch face designed and shared with the Global Community by Andrew Somers. You can actually download it and put it on your own watch if your watch supports it. Here's the link to Andrew's Smily Miley clock skin:

The watches featured here, from left to right, are the No.1 D6, the No.1 D5, the FINOW X3, and the FINOW Q1. You can look for them by name online at these and other sites if you want to purchase them:

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