Monday, August 29, 2016

Pokémon GO on Apple Watch Concept: Pokéstops iWatch News.

A concept design I made for Pokémon GO smartwatch extensions. While watch faces are far too small to play the full game, it would be cool if we could extend some less screen-intensive parts of the game to a smartwatch. For example, players could interact with Pokéstops using a quick swipe across the watch screen. This saves having to take the phone out and getting distracted.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Newest Rumors About Apple Watch 2 That Exist, Apple Watch News And Hints News.

The rumor mill is always spinning stories such as it having a 40% thinner design and having a camera, a new 46mm size, blood pressure sensors... Most of these tend to appear a few months before the product is announced, but as the event gets closer most of the unrealistic speculations vanish and the remaining rumors become more accurate.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pokemon Go Cost Only $3,000 US to make! Using Unity Public app maker! watch and phone news.

Make an app at Unity for under $1000 by clicking here. 

Unity platform is a platform for creating cell phone apps better games that are in 3-D. a lot of people like you and me can go to unity and buy again for US$1500 that is 95% finished. All you have to do is change some simple artwork PNG files. That is exactly what Pokemon Go did. The first time I ever open up hope mango it said created by unity. That is a splash screen that is on most unity games. Since that first update they have deleted that splash screen so nobody would know how cheap they made it. I am an app maker who has made over 12 different apps. So I recognize it when I see other app makers use these cheaper platforms. I personally could have made hope and go for under US$3000. And so can you. It's so easy and only takes a little bit of your time.

Something that's really hard to believe is that Nintendo paid US$30 million to get 30% ownership of the game. That purchase made everyone at Nintendo look like idiots. Not because the game is successful, but because they could've created the games themselves for under $3000. Nintendo's too lazy to make new and amazing games like they used to. Now they're relying on the little guys like you and me to make something that looks cool offer them the chance to buy it for 50,000 times the price and Nintendo would jump at it.

Below is what unity platform said about how pull can go has helped unity become more popular.

Unity states: 
Nothing Inspires Unity Quite Like Success

Barry Schuler, former AOL CEO
While Pokemon GO is enjoying massive worldwide financial success, it might be easy to forget the risidual effects the mobile sensation would have on the rest of the gaming industry - specifically where virtual and augmented reality are involved. is reporting that as a result of Niantic's smash hit, Unity Technologies has been able to secure $181 million in investments, beyond that which was already committed by Sequoia Capital and WestSummit Capital. The money is meant to drive Unity's push into the AR/VR markets. Leading the investments were DFJ Growth and included China Investment Corporation, FreeS Fund, Thrive Capital and Max Levchin, with DFJ's Barry Schuler landing a seat on the Board of Directors.

Unity saw 4.2 billion games made with its development software hit 1.7 billion unique machines in the first quarter of 2016 alone, according to GamesIndustry.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Top 10 Features Up Coming Apple Watch 2 Will Bring! Speed, Battery Life & Cool Features. Based on Leaks & Patents! iwatch News.

Apples iPhone 7 isnt the one and only that has been a subject of various gossipy tidbits for as far back as couple of months. The organizations unannounced smartwatch (prone to be called Apple Watch 2) has additionally seen whats coming to its of theories. Presently as indicated by another report, the wearable is said to highlight One Glass Solution (OGS) based showcase, rather than one with Glass on Glass innovation. DigiTimes, refering to data from TPK Holdings, an Apple supplier, says that OGS innovation takes out the glass layers utilized as a part of the Glass on Glass innovation, making the screen somewhat more slender. Not just will this make the reputed Apple Watch 2 more slender, additionally lighter. 

The report further includes that the creation of OGS boards for the cutting edge Apple Watch has hit some specialized issues, prompting low yield rates. In any case, it is still indistinct on the off chance that this has influenced general generation or not. The news runs in accordance with past cases made by specialists. In May, Apple investigator Brian White, who works for Wall Street firm Drexel Hamilton, reported that Apple Watch 2 could be most likely 20% to 40% more slender than its ancestor. The watch will probably have a bigger show and enhanced battery life. 

There have additionally been reports expressing that Apple will coordinate Samsung Foundrys 14FF assembling process for Apple Watch 2s chipset outline, keeping in mind the end goal to diminish the measure of warmth produced. It will likewise upgrade the execution of watch. Additionally expected is the joining of a FaceTime-empowered camera in the top bezel, which will be able to do Full HD video recording. To the extent information exchange is concerned, the watch is reputed to accompany 90% change and more precise area administrations. In the event that gossipy tidbits are to be trusted, Apple watch 2 will probably dispatch with the up and coming iPhone 7 in the fall of 2016. 

Apple Watch 2 Will Be Here Soon with faster processor, GPS, and more, Iwatch Hints And Gossip News.

We may know a ton about the following iPhone as of now, however subtle elements on a potential Apple Watch update have been obvious by their nonappearance considering the first model was reported very nearly two years prior. Be that as it may, a speculator note conveyed by very much associated expert Ming-chi Kuo — and got by AppleInsider and MacRumors — may give us the primary sign of what Apple has in store. 

Apple is said to arrange two new models of the Watch for 2016. The greater update, named "Apple Watch 2" for the time being, will purportedly have "the same general configuration" as the present Watch, however incorporate new inner parts, for example, a GPS radio, an indicator, a more slender presentation, and another, speedier 16nm processor from TSMC. These components will require a bigger battery, as indicated by Kuo, keeping Apple from eliminating the gadget's size. 

The second 2016 Apple Watch model sounds like a littler redesign — it won't get the Apple Watch 2's new elements, as indicated by the note, and the modern configuration will finish what has been started with some overhauled segments. It might check a value cut for the reach. 

However another model with a comparable structure element is relied upon to come one year from now close by LTE support; in case you're sitting tight for a more significant configuration redesign, in the interim, Kuo doesn't trust this will happen until 2018. 

Apple is prone to hold an occasion in around a month's an ideal opportunity to report the current year's iPhone; any new Watch models would likely come at the same occasion.