Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Company Creates Camera For Apple Watch! Perfection Is Attainable! Apple Watch News.

Guess what? Someone smarter than Tim Cook has created a camera wrist band for the Apple watch. Yeah...I want it, I want it bad. This baby can also act like a battery and refill you watch 2X. You can use face time with a 2.0mp camera or a normal camera with an 8mp quality lens. I love this...why am I writing this when I should be ordering it?

This is long over due, and it may just get me to start wearing my Apple watch a lot more. The website is called CMRA and its at 

Having a camera on my watch is the #1 most important tool of any mobile device. I want to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more so I really need this upgrade. This is the one single thing that the Apple watch does need. Its like giving Superman his flying ability...the sky is no long the limit. 

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