Thursday, January 5, 2017

Hand-Engraved and Apple Watch 42mm Can Be Yours If You Like DIY, Apple Tip News And Hints.

People are not settling for the normal standard Apple watches that are being sold. Now they are taking to their desk and engraving highly detailed and beautiful designs on the steel version of the watch. Some of these designs are selling for over ten thousand US dollars after completion, which is just ridiculous since any Tattoo artist could make this watch in under 3 hours. 

What I don't understand is why is it so expensive? Engraving is relatively easy if you purchase a simple $30-50 engraver pen from Ebay. If you are an artist already, then this is going to be even easier for you. The watch is small, and only the steel version can be done, the aluminum version is not strong enough to be engraved...but I got one and may have a go at it soon enough. 

Right now, I see two watches on Ebay being sold with engraving. One  is the 38mm size and they want over $800 US for it, the other is made in Ukraine and they want $1,400 US for ether 38 or 42mm sizes. 

So...why not let the artist inside...outside to play? Don't buy this watch engraved, instead create the watch with your own skills and a $30 tool and this way save thousands. 

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