Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Pros And The Cons About The New Beats Solo3 Wireless Head phones, Jan 2017, Apple Tips News.

 Well my wifes iphone 7 plus came in the mail yesterday, and with it came another box...Apple beats wireless headphones. I opened them up and here are a few photos of what was inside. There was also a MUSIC card which gives 3 free months to some apple music place. The headphones were free for 3 hours from Apple if you bought a item from the Apple store that day. Its red to celebrate Chinese New Years and only given to Asia...so if you see a red solo3 beats...it came from Asia.

The great thing about these earphones is that they pair easily. Just push the button on the side of the earphones and a bluetooth screen will come up on all your Apple devices...my computer, phone, wifes phone, sons phone and my Apple TV all came up asking to pair them...but just used it on my computer. Also the battery life says it lasts 40 hours! If you only charge it 5 minutes, you got 4 hours of working headphones. Not bad.

Now with the cons, Apple really wanted to make a long batter life, I get it, its important, but they had to sacrifice something to do this...volume. The high volume that I am accustomed to using is now gone. I live in the big city and hear everything around me, but I only want to hear what I want...and these earphones don't let me do that. Now let me give you an example, take your old earphones you got with your apple phone...now cut that max volume by 25-30% and you have the max for Beats Solo3. Thats it, the only con of these headphones, but for people who like to block out the world...these headphones are not for you.

Also the Beats has a soft fake leather ear parts...these will shed their red rubber on them in about 9-12 months of use. 

I give Solo3 Beats 4 our of 5 stars, due to its limited sound. Its not a safety feature...its to increase much needed battery life, but I would gladly sacrifice 20 hours of battery life for higher volume. 

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