Thursday, February 23, 2017

Apple Watch Series 3, Our Requirements If Apple Expects Us To Buy It, iwatch World News.

Lets talk about our wish list shall we?

1: Apple watch needs a side camera. No one uses FaceTime. What many people do use is a normal camera to take fun photos to share with others.
2. Apple watch needs a unbreakable screen (often breaks the first time it falls)
3. It needs seriously improved running and tracking features. I mean I run a lot and I run about 3-6 miles, but my Apple watch doubles that. I know its not real, even though the smart watch is not so smart. 
4. Build a battery and camera into a band. This band can be an optional assessor, but extremely useful.
5. Add more watch faces. If you had a fancy watch like me with beautiful roman numerals and a 18K gold metal, then you seriously need some compensation for giving up that expensive watch and wearing this. A dozen high class faces would be nice. 
6. It would be nice to control the TV through my watch, I have had keychain size TV remotes before, so this would be cool, especially at airports and restaurants. 
7. Watch and band should one. A nice black rubber coat around the watch saves it from I had to hit up Ebay for one and its awesome! Not bad for $12 US.

Whats your needs? What do you want the Apple watch to have? Please tell us below. 

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