Water Proof Tests

About Apple Watch water resistance 

Find out about water resistance on your Apple Watch, and what to do if your gadget gets wet unintentionally. 

Is my Apple Watch waterproof? 

Your Apple Watch is sprinkle and water safe, yet not waterproof.* For instance, you may wear and utilize your Apple Watch amid activity (presentation to sweat is OK), in the downpour, keeping in mind washing your hands. 

Can I go swimming or clean up with my Apple Watch? 

Submerging your Apple Watch isn't suggested. Water resistance isn't a lasting condition, and your Apple Watch can't be rechecked or resealed for water resistance. The next may influence the water resistance of your Apple Watch and ought to be maintained a strategic distance from: 

Dropping your Apple Watch or subjecting it to different effects. 

Submerging your Apple Watch in water for drawn out stretches of time. 

Swimming or showering with your Apple Watch. 

Uncovering your Apple Watch to pressurized water or high speed water, for instance, showering, water skiing, wake boarding, surfing, plane skiing, etc. 

Wearing your Apple Watch in a sauna or steam room. 

What would it be a good idea for me to do if my Apple Watch gets wet? 

On the off chance that water sprinkles on to your Apple Watch, wipe it off with a nonabrasive, build up free material. Try not to utilize heat, compacted air, or showers. 

Attempt to minimize uncovering your Apple Watch to these substances: Soap, cleanser, acids or acidic nourishments, and any fluids other than new water, for example, salt water, sudsy water, pool water, fragrance, bug repellent, creams, sunscreen, oil, glue remover, hair color, or solvents. In the event that your Apple Watch comes into contact with one of these substances, take after the guidelines to clean your Apple Watch. 

What would it be advisable for me to do if my Apple Watch got wet, and now its speaker sounds muted? 

Verify whether water is in the amplifier or speaker by setting the gadget, speaker side down, on a build up free, microfiber material to check whether any water dribbles out. Water in the port may debase speaker or mouthpiece execution until it totally vanishes. 

Dry your Apple Watch utilizing a build up free, microfiber fabric. Try not to utilize heat, compacted air, or showers. Try not to embed anything into the amplifier or speaker ports, and don't shake the watch to evacuate water. Permitting your Apple Watch to energize overnight may speed dissipation.

Some video examples below of how you can use it in water and it should be ok, but at your own risk. 

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